Some last minute Channukah bits, and Turkey morsels


It’s the last night of Chanukah and I have to admit that a part of me is a bit sad. It’s very interesting and mysterious how the darkness outside engulfs us right now. Daylight savings has its benefits, but it takes away the sun way too early. That is why I enjoy the extra few moments of light and illumination with the help of some Chanukah candles and the joy beaming from it.

I’ll make this a little short just because I’m fatigued so I’ll leave you with some stuff. First is one of my favorite mock grindhouse trailers from the showing of Death Proof and Planet Terror, by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez respectively. I’m a sucker for those corny seedy horror movies from the past decades. I think the new stuff just takes you over the edge where I lose both my interest and my lunch:

And, this is an interesting mock movie trailer by the people at Funny or Die. I love their stuff and I hope you check out their website, as well as shows aired in days past on HBO. This is great because it shows that this whole insane search for family comedies can become rather farcical. Enjoy the movie:

Enjoy and Happy Chanukah!!


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