It’s Prison for you and cash for them….


Hey Hey everyone out there in the galaxy expanding beyond the realm of the brain’s understanding….and hello and Happy Channukah to the rest of you. I know that I usually rant about all things Jewey or Jewish, and sounding like that old Jewish fart from the upper West Side who always sends angry letters to the NY Times. That’s just a small stab, but I want to address some of the most recent cutting edge histories of Hip Hop culture. There have been very interesting books, as well as documentaries, about Hip Hop music and the many elements which fueled its many turns. One example is how the crack epidemic fed the hungry dealers who would later use their earnings to make records. MC’s like the Notorious BIG and Jay-Z, to name a few, sold crack in order to make a living, which would later become the Hip Hop game.

I recently came across a very interesting article, or testimonial if you will, by an ex-record label executive. In it he talks of this infamous meeting held in L.A. in the early decade of the 1990’s. The meeting was held in strict confidentiality and certain men holding the meeting were packing guns. He goes on to explain how certain label executives have put stock into the burgeoning private prison complex system. In the early 1990’s this wasn’t a reality, but it was close on the horizon. In the article he links this investment, of what would become known as the prison industrial complex, with the image sold by these very same record companies. It makes sense how a group like N.W.A. that at first was shunned by the major labels, and invisible to the population. Once they got big on their own terms the majors came in, and this man’s testimony is interesting if it’s the unabashed truth. If that’s the case this conspiracy theory spans over thirty years of Hip Hop music.

Although this man’s truth cannot be fully verified we should take heed to the facts. The fact is that the prison industrial complex has grown to such a proportion that it is a steroided version of its former self. African American and Latino males make up most of the population and thankfully softer drugs are becoming decriminalized. Thankfully, and I predict, so-called “drugs” like Marijuana are becoming legal hence clearing jails of lesser offenders. Still, it is insane that these private prisons use their inmates for slave labor. Their labor is tantamount to slavery, but with a very different name. Many have written about this subject and one of the best and most recent I’ve read is Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

Also, Hip Hop music is overtly formulaic at this pint that it seems you need to rap about the trifecta to get you big….Guns, women, and drugs. This is a simplified version of objectification of women, homophobia, violence, and drug abuse. But, it should be noted that Hip Hop is very complex so certain artists still rap about their inner conflicts. Most MC’s shy away from that, but they are caught in that trap, which is set by the white corporate structure.

This is where the Jews come in. There is no doubt that certain members of this cabal, both tin 1990 and today, are Jewish. It is sad that the chasm between Jews and African Americans has grown so exponentially large. Unlike the Jews who lived in the ghettos in the early part of the century, these Jews are so removed they only care about their conservative bullshit politics. They perpetuate these stereotypes while pouring money to organizations like the ADL ( the Anti-Defamation League) who scream and whine about any whimper about a supposed Anti-Semitic incident. I think that’s some hypocritical shit!!! Step up or out of the equation.

Here is the link to his words:


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