Happy Thanksgivnnukah!!! A once in a lifetime event, yo!


Yo Yo Yo,

This event that we’ve reached only comes once in a life time. Just to show you how rare this is read the stats at this here site by the sages of Chabad: http://www.chabad.org/holidays/chanukah/article_cdo/aid/2343364/jewish/Chanukah-and-Thanksgiving-A-Brief-History.htm

Many people, both Jew and non, don’t really get the full essence of what Channukah really means. The chocolate coins, the jelly donuts, and the potato latkas are symbols, but us Jews don’t take much lightly or even for its surface value. We pride in the fact that we delve into the inner sanctums of the mind, body, and spirit. The origins of Channukah are actually quite bloody a la 300 minus the grand colors and bulging pecks. In its true telling this is the first really Civil War between the Jews. In the Hellenistic period where the Greek nations ruled, although that land mass wasn’t called Greece until quite later, Jews either assimilated or became more emboldened in their practice of Judaism, some even becoming zealous defenders of the faith.

This all came to a head when the new Greek ruler decided to ban visible Jewish practices, that some say was prodded by the assimilated Jewish population. Circumcision was outlawed and became a rallying cry to fight. It was the keeper of the faith against the self loathing Jews. The story remains the same to this day where you have the local assimilated Jew call the cops anytime the local Orthodox take it to the street with dancing and merriment. It’s one thing to do your own thing, but it’s another when you hate your people so much that you take irrational actions which cause nothing but pain and suffering. I’m trying, G-d willing, with my blog to bridge the gap and preach to stop the hate.

Let us include all and in these days where the light is limited, invite them into the world of Channukah. Let’s all love because that’s the true essence of the Almighty’s power.

Happy Thanksgivnnukah to all ya and here are some videos:


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