NECRO!!! The Illest Jewish MC Alive…Eat You Kosher


It creeps in slow, murdering your brains with the scary beat blaring in your ears, while his unmistakeable voice begins to penetrate. That’s how you feel every time you’re introduced to the next Necro track. Necro (Ron Raphael Braunstein) is one of the nastiest MC’s today including both style, skills and especially his lyrical content. Nasty in the fact that he uses such colorful language where you travel to the borders of terror and laughter. Necro invented the term “death rap” which describes his style of ultra-violent hip hop, setting himself apart from other genre labels created by the media and the corporate bullshit coming out the machine. His early LP’s, I Need Drugs and Gory Days still hold the weight of scorn for the world while using extremely explicit sexually laced lyrics. His first single I heard, back in the 1990’s on the local New Haven University radio station (BIG UPS WNHU!!!), blew my mind. “Get On Your Knees” samples Dione Warwick’s version of the Righteous Brother’s “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” He brilliantly flips the concept of pleading with your lover to pleading for a good fuck ( and anything and everything in between), porno style. He carved out his own niche, and along with his brother Ill Bill and other contemporary Jewish MC’s he is the new brand of unabashed Jewish MC who identifies with the culture through his rapping.

His love for gore and porno isn’t the only reason I’m writing on the MC, but also his unabashed love of Judaism and his brash swipe against the Jewish nebish stereotype. Liking himself to the old school Jewish gangsters on his tracks “Tough Jew” and “Rabbi’s Holding Guns” Necro holds nothing back. He tells of being the tough Jew who also grew up in the tough streets, while also adding the brashness of the tough Israeli soldier persona. This is the new tough Jew MC braking the cultural boundaries and how Jews are showing their traditions through rap verses. Powerful, like his punches of deadly venom he barks at you while staying very respectful of the tradition’s core history and values.

Check out “Get On You Knees” from his LP Gory Day

My favorite, “Tough Jews/Rabbi’s Holding Guns” from his Murder, Murder, Kill, Kill EP: 

And, here’s a new joint from his newest LP with Hip Hop lyrical legend Kool G Rap: 


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