It’s The Beastie Boys!!! The first white boyz and Jews, to blowup!!!


I wrote a short paper on the Beastie Boys and how they pioneered as the first white Hip Hop act to get large. They were also all Jewish guys from NYC who lived amongst the craziness which was the 1970’s NYC music scene. I’m dropping the intro just to wet your appetites until the next time. I’m also adding some of my favorites videos to show the scope and magnitude of the group.

RIP Adam Yauch (A/K/A/ MCA For Ever)

It’s the Beastie Boys


“Now here’s a little story I’ve got to tell
About three bad brothers you know so well
It started way back in history
With Adrock, M.C.A., and me – Mike D.”[1]

The lights begin to flash, thundering applause fill the club, Budweiser beer cans snap open almost in unison, attractive women scantily clad in cages gyrate, while the audience foams at the mouth. Then like a bat out of hell the Hip-Hop group the Beastie Boys, consisting of Mike D (Michael Diamond), MCA (Adam Yauch), and Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz), hit the stage in full-fledged ferocity. This is what their standard stage show looked like in the mid-1980 when they were a newly discovered act. Rick Rubin, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings with Russell Simmons, signed them to the fledgling label and would promote these stage antics. However, since their formation in 1981, and to the present, they have constantly redefined their sound, image, and delivery. Enduring a long lasting career with many highs and lows, they still come out with albums that converge with the sounds of the past and styles of the future. These three Jewish white boys from New York City were the first white Hip-Hop group to break out within the traditionally black art form of Hip-Hop music. The analysis will cover their career as well as the many controversies they caused and accomplishments they achieved over the last almost thirty years. The focus will be on their career as well as being Jewish and white in a predominantly black medium, as well as their constant change over time. In their most recently released album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, they manage to maintain the original art form of Hip-Hop music by expanding it to the farthest regions of space.

[1] Beastie Boys, “Paul Revere,” Licensed to Ill, Def Jam Recordings, 1986.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn off their first album Licensed to Ill: http://


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