Hello Hip Hop!!!


This is the first of hopefully my many blog posts. My parents are straight up Brooklyn, with roots deep in the rough dirt of the borough. However, before I popped onto the scene they caught the Zion bug and moved themselves to the Promised Land, A/K/A the country of Israel. Growing up in one of the main cities, Tel Aviv, I was exposed to the many American and European influences while maintaining the Jewish and Israeli flavor. Judaism and Hip Hop are integral to who I am and with this blog I’ll, G-d willing, write the book on the topic and preach the truth to the young Jewish, and beyond, youth.

Enjoy my words of thought, comedy, music, politics, Israel, the world, the galaxy and beyond the spirits of the cosmos and back into your phone booth. Let’s keep it real, until it all goes wrong.

Peace, until next time….


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